The service offering of KERDÈL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is all-around for companies in the building automation industry. Outside this sector there are many opportunities for services on Sr. level. Please contact us for an informational interview.


(Interim) General Management, Sales Management or Department Management.

Marketing and Sales

Development of the company’s Mission, Vision and Strategy based Business Canvas Modeling (a unique way to make strategy transparant).

Business- and marketing plans ( models end distribution models.

Sales motivation and coaching, personal coaching.

Tactical- en operational (year) plans.

‘Linking pin’ in international organisations.
(Experience with business cultures in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France and Canada).

Vision on developments

Exploration and development
Make market developments and trends usable for suppliers of building automation products / services. Examples:

‘The Internet of Things’ and it’s ‘disruptive Developments’ will change the established order within the sector.

In the field of energy, interested companies will be offered “as it were their last chance” to set course


Corporate communication and product communication.

Online strategy, information- and documentation concepts.

Management on exhibitions.

Article writing.

Presenter, Conference chair, Hospitality (hosting).