Management consultancy

Core activity
Self-employed entrepreneur for management consultancy (sole proprietorship).
Started in November 2014.

Core is business development in building automation and energy innovation.
The company is a service provider to manufacturers, consultants, system integrators and installers in setting up, develop or managing their business.
The inspiration comes from the opportunities offered by sustainability in the built environment, especially in the area of comfort technology, energy management and performance management.

Why now
After the financial crisis a momentum exists for the development of products and services aimed at sustainability of buildings. Virtually all companies in the building services segment will have to focus on this in the very near future to hold position and improve.

The building automation sector however is a cautious investor. By temporarily involving external expertise a company can successfully develop her own business activities.

Human Design Jan Kerdel (December 2012)

Jan Kerdel3
Connecting Ambition and capabilities
My contribution is to make people become aware of the ‘NOW’ and subsequent review their ambition with healthy realism.
My own vision and goals will serve the interest of the organization and the process.

In the dynamics of business I want to be a facilitator and inspire people by showing how events and forces, used that the right time, will lead them to success.

Power to Change
Create overview in turbulent situations. Then act accurately. I want to complete things I’m working on and keep them alive and vibrant. I like to gather qualified people around me to perpetuate and propagate the result.

Way of working
Creating new perspectives is my strength. Being constantly in touch with people, I can reconsider, sustain and propagate. I am a connector between people and cultures that show synergy potential.

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